Dahlak Paradise

Dahlak Restaurant is envisioned as an important staple in this always growing community of Baltimore Avenue and city of brotherly love. Thanks to the founding couple, Neghisti Ghebrehiwot, the late, Amare Solomon and the constant working efforts of our ever-growing family, we bring to you award-winning, authentic food derived from the intricacies of Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines.
We eat with our hands because the food is finger-licking good! ..and it’s tradition. Order up a Yedoro Watt and watch the chicken fall off the bone. Order up a veggie combination dish and discover the way vegetables are suppose to taste from a recipe passed on from many generations back. Food aside, we remain a social hotspot for all those looking to dive into– or you could simply dive into our bar and relax. We continue the nightlife with weekly karaoke, live acts, and late night jam sessions including various new and local talents. This we do and we do not disappoint. We thrive to further welcome a diverse community and provide solace to everyone and anyone new in West Philly.

~~~We are now serving food & liquor from both our full menu and our nightly fusion menu specials –all night, every night until 2am!~~~

~Available for booking at our venue.

Dahlak Paradise - Philadelphia, PA

My favorites restaurants are the ones that feel like my grandmothers recipes in my mother’s kitchen. The unexpected ventures that leave you licking your finger tips trying to find more space in you stomach for food.

This was that kind of place. I had the lamb which was seasoned well. I gave it 4 stars because it wasn’t as spicy as I’d hoped. There was less meat and more sauce.

Akua A., Easton PA

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I’m so into this place. I came her on a Saturday night to hang with friends before going out. It has the perfect dive bar feeling (and PERFECT dive bar prices: think $3 strong gin and tonics). $10 minimum on cards. There is nice outdoor seating, which is filled with an eclectic mix, very west philly. Unfortunately, we ultimately left early when a creepy man decided to start hitting on my friend. Otherwise, the place was awesome and I will definitely be back to try the food.

Abby K., Philadephia PA

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Dahlak Paradise, Philadelphia PA