Deki Erey Foundation

The mission of Deki Erey Foundation is to increase the quality of school facilities in the urban and rural parts of Eritrea. Having excellent educational facilities will result in higher quality education for all students.

Our vision is to add value to excisting teaching institutions and contribute in any way or form to increase the quality and output of these institutions.

How, What & Where
Deki Erey Foundation will focus on providing direct financial support for small-scale local school projects in Eritrea. These projects are mainly focused on improving school facilities for children and students in urban and rural areas in Eritrea and will have a sustainable approach in order to maintain added value to schools.

Our primary goal is to equip schools with sustainable and high quality facilities in and around schools or campuses.

The region we will focus on is The Horn of Africa. It is a region in East Africa. Deki Erey Foundation will start its first project in the coastal city of Massawa.

Deki Erey

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