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Hi there! My name is Feven Geles and welcome to my creative universe.

I am a young woman with various interests, talents and ideas, which are shared here on FevensFabFlaws.
I find it extremely difficult to limit myself, label myself and to put myself in a box. In other words I find it very challenging to define myself. I have always been one to experiment with new ideas and try out new things. I love to draw, cook, travel, blog, vlog etc. and have therefore decided to create a forum that allows me to share all my weird and crazy hobbies, projects and opinions with you. As human beings we are meant to live, learn and grow – FevensFabFlaws illustrates how I live, shares what I learn and is a product of my growth.
Follow the journey and enjoy the ride!

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Feven Geles

Feven Geles

YouTuber, Artist, ARTbyF.GELES