Syllabification: home·com·ing
Pronunciation: ˈhōmˌkəmiNG
An instance of returning home or a place that feels like home.

I’m Ariam Alula, 23, and lost. As frightening as that may sound, I’m at ease with living in the unknown. In 2014, I returned to Eritrea – my mother country – for the first time in 15 years. I met some good-hearted people, and reconnected with colorful relatives. I toured the country, had intense conversations among the diaspora, broke bread with locals, saw live performances and improved my language skills. The memories I made there will remain with me forever and since, Homecoming91 has morphed into an outlet where I internalize and pen my thoughts and observations in Eritrea. In a sense, I am flipping the two-way mirror to myself. Besides, this is the perfect time for me to question identity and belonging as I know it today.

Ariam Alula

Blogger, Homecoming91