Sam Yohannes

About Sam Yohannes

I love Jesus and I am committed to living my life pursing Him. On the contrary, I haven’t always been this way. I got saved around 14 and wanted to live a life that would please God. I was excited, and passionate. As I grew older, my relationship with Christ drifted. I really couldn’t share my love for God with other’s, for one I didn’t know how and I thought I would be more of an “outcast” than I already was. You see, I cared about people’s opinion of me, I was very shy, a “loner”, the quiet one who never would talk. That’s just how I grew up. I didn’t like disappointing people, never wanted to get in trouble and I always tried to do the “right thing”. After making my own mistakes in life, I re-dedicated my life back to God in 2010. I also got baptized, and had to renew my mind…God helped me overcome my hurt, guilt, and shame. I NEVER want to live that way again!

Samrawit Yohannes

Faith Coach, Sam Yohannes