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Quick tips on how I learned English as native Tigrinya speaker. #LearnEnglish #LanguageLearning #Tigrinya #EritreanLanguage

The situation for refugees in Libya is getting worse and worse for each minute. In 2020, we vow to be a voice for them. Help us raise awareness about the situation and push for more evacuations by tweeting #EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya every Thursday.

Good evening #Eritrea : Every saturday, we, @BeqaYiakl, will ask the same question. #WhereAreThey? Join this campagin and be voice of the voiceless. #Yiakl

Good morning #Eritrea : Tamarat Negera challenge should be accepted, and be an eye opener to all Eritreans. Building strong Eritrea is the answer. Rule of law is the only right way to do that. መስሓቕ ሸራፋት ከይንኸውን። #Yiakl

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